Aqualis Offshore provides marine and offshore engineering services in the major marine energy centers around the world including Houston, Rio de Janeiro, London, Aberdeen, Oslo, Dubai, Singapore and Shanghai. Our engineers have a good understanding of the local regulatory requirements, the available industry infrastructure and the culture they operate in. We are also able to execute projects in several locations while working efficiently across time zones to meet tight deadlines. Such global reach and local knowledge minimises project commercial and technical risks and provides clients with cost-effective and fit-for-purpose solutions. We also have alliances with other offshore engineering companies that offer complementary skill sets to provide clients with a one-stop offshore and marine engineering service.

Our engineers work closely with marine and construction field personnel to ensure their solutions are practical, to troubleshoot any offshore design engineering issues in a timely manner and to provide feedback that allows us to improve our designs further. While we offer most general engineering services in all locations, we offer specialised engineering products and skills in selected locations. We can work in either first-party roles as designer and engineers or to provide owners, financial institutions and regulatory authorities with independent third party.

We cater for different segments of the offshore energy industry such as upstream oil and gas drilling and production and offshore wind. We also service different phases in the life cycle of an offshore facility such as front-end engineering, installation engineering and integrity management engineering. Our engineering can be offered as a product, such as turnkey designs in a particular industry, or in the form of specialised skills. Please refer to our brochures for more information.

Offshore Design Engineering

Examples of the offshore engineering services we provide include:

  • Floating production, storage and offloading facilities (FPSO). We have experience in the engineering of mooring and offloading systems, hull structural design and naval architecture, marine and utility systems, accommodation, topside structural offshore design engineering and installation and hookup
  • Design of jackups and liftboats. We offer turnkey service such as front end engineering (FEED) and basic design of liftboats and wind turbine installation vessels (WTI). Our engineers have also executed several conversion projects where older jackups are converted into a mobile production unit (MOPU) or mobile accommodation unit in locations such as South East Asia, West Africa, Australia, the Middle East and North West Europe
  • Conversion, modification and repair engineering of semi-submersible and ship-shaped vessels
  • Independent assessment of foundations and support structures of wind turbines
  • Site specific assessment (SSA) of jackups, liftboats and wind turbine installation vessels. Such studies address the suitability, in terms of structural and foundation integrity, of a candidate unit to operate at a particular location
  • Structural integrity assessments of hulls of floating production platforms and semi submersible drilling rigs, fixed platforms jackets and legs and spudcans of jackups and liftboats. Such studies include corrosion management, fatigue assessment, fracture mechanics and ultimate strength analyses. We also offer specialised experience in the integrity management of mooring systems such as wires, chains and fiber ropes
  • Geotechnical engineering studies such as jackup leg penetration assessment and design of foundations such as driven and suction piles and drag embedment anchors
  • Installation engineering for deep and shallow water platforms. This covers areas such as loadout engineering, wet and dry tow transportation engineering, jacket launching and topside floatover. We also offer expertise in the engineering for prelay and hookup of mooring systems and the installation of subsea pipelines, risers, cables as well as subsea templates and manifolds
  • Installation engineering for jackup units going on location including time domain studies that significantly improve the operating window for installation
  • Advanced engineering such as spectral and time domain fatigue, topside blast and fire assessment, boat impact, coupled motions
  • Mooring analysis and mooring review for semi-submersibles and ship-shaped vessels like FPSOs
  • Lightship surveys and inclining experiments for semi-submersibles, ferries, offshore service vessels and fishing boats
  • Design of marine systems such as piping and instrumentation diagrams (P&ID) and electrical single line diagrams
  • Shipyard engineering such as modelling in Tribon and PDMS and production of shop drawings
  • Harbour engineering related to seabed levelling, concrete structures, fenders, linkspans and gangways
  • Technical due diligence services including working on behalf of owners, operators, buyers or financial institutions to help ascertain the condition of a vessel, the status of a construction project or the readiness of a shipyard to undertake a construction project

marine & offshore engineering services

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