Rig Inspection – Documentation Review

Documentation Review

Aqualis Offshore repeat attends on some 100 Mobile Offshore Drilling Units (MODU) and has collated from file and summarised over 1500 historic Non-Conformances Corrective Action Preventative Actions (CAPA) raised during previous rig inspections from 2013-2018 into our AquaInspect analytics system.  

Aqualis Offshore applies ISO:9001: 2015 CAPA reporting process, which is part of the closed loop reporting standard and allows for identified non-conformances to be tracked as Corrective Action and supports Preventative Actions to assist in minimising reoccurrence.

This allowed us to have an industry overview of where identified failures lay. It was quickly established that a large proportion of Critical Safety and Critical Operational CAPA where apportioned to documentation. This was generally the use of uncertified or expired certification for equipment. 

As we can see, documentation issues accounted 39% of Critical Safety CAPA’s.

It was also seen that Critical Operational CAPA’s accounted for 57% of the total numbers.

This clearly highlights the need for our industry to raise its game in respect to documentation control, as this situation is easily avoided. 

Aqualis Offshore can assist with ensuring that your rig avoids these Critical Safety and Critical Operational CAPA’s. We can apply our extensive type-specific documentation checklists and support rig teams to ensure full compliance, either as part of the rig inspection process or as a standalone process in advance of a rig intake program. 

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