Wind turbine installation vessel launching & construction supervision contract

wind turbine installation

Ouyang Offshore Co., Ltd. today launched its new-build wind turbine installation vessel, OuYang 1, at Dayang Offshore Equipment Co., Ltd.’s yard in Jiangsu, China. Further, the Chinese shipowner has awarded Aqualis Offshore a contract to supervise the construction of a second wind turbine installation vessel, OuYang 2.

The wind turbine installation vessel is a self-elevating vessel with a large open deck. A wind turbine installation vessel can rapidly raise its hull clear of the water to provide a stable platform from which offshore construction and maintenance work can be conducted.

wind turbine installation

Ouyang Offshore’s wind turbine installation vessel is a four-legged, DP1, self-propelled vessel with a working depth of 50 meters. It can house up to 75 people and is suitable for offshore wind turbine installation and maintenance work.

“We are very pleased with the launch of the OuYang 1 wind turbine installation vessel. It has been completed on time, at the right quality and on budget, with safe execution throughout the project,” says Mr. Chen Lin, Deputy General Manager at Ouyang Offshore Co., Ltd.

Aqualis Offshore supervised the construction of the OuYang 1 wind turbine installation vessel. The company’s on-site team monitored and supervised the construction of the wind turbine installation vessel, to ensure that all work was carried out in accordance with the contract specifications plus flag and class requirements.

Aqualis Offshore’s offices in Shanghai and Singapore managed the construction supervision for OuYang 1 and will now take on the same role for OuYang 2 new-build wind turbine installation vessel. Aqualis Offshore’s contract value has not been disclosed.

“To be trusted with another construction supervision contract is the strongest confirmation that Ouyang Offshore is pleased with our performance on OuYang 1. Ouyang Offshore is an ambitious and fast-growing company and we are proud to support them at another wind turbine installation vessel project,” says Phil Lenox, director – Asia Pacific, Aqualis Offshore.

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