AquaInspect – Rig Inspection software

AquaInspect rig inspection software

AquaInspect rig inspection software

Our Rig Inspection team are pleased to announce the release of our bespoke rig inspection software AquaInspect. The software has been created with extensive hands-on practical experience of rig inspection. The aim of the software is to support consistent reporting standards through the software’s ability to supply our inspection teams with:

  1. Standards and Guidelines
  2. Inspection Checklists
  3. Standardized Report & Corrective Action Preventative Action (CAPA) Creation
  4. Standardised Reporting Support Templates

AquaInspect supports our inspection teams allowing easy offline access to our database of standards and guidelines. Ensuring that the correct and relevant standards and guidelines are where necessary applied.

Our in-house Inspection Checklists were created to ensure Equipment Compliance and Operability and do this by addressing Documentation, Visual Equipment Condition and Functional Equipment testing for each rig system equipment group.

AquaInspect allows simple access to the equipment checklists which can be completed either electronically in the field or via the checklist generation capability, again supporting standardisation of reporting.

Our system allows for additional checklists to be created, to capture any client-specific rig inspection requirements.



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